• The Beginners Guide to: Reports & Data

    The Beginners Guide to: Reports & Data

    Reports and data: so ultra important yet so often overlooked until the last minute! But, at the end of the day, if your data is crap and you can’t work out who is doing what distance, which wave start they are in and what merchandise they have paid for then you’re going to be adding many admin hours to your ever growing list of tasks. . . (Trust us we’ve all been there punching out ungodly hours on data problems)!

  • Pre-Flight Checklist for Event Week

    Pre-Flight Checklist for Event Week

    Got an event around the corner? Don't freak out, it's time to put a checklist together and work through the things that the Register Now functionality can support in an orderly and methodical manner! Before go time!

  • How to: Event Day Regos made easy!

    How to: Event Day Regos made easy!

    You’ve got your registrations. You’ve got your participants. You’ve got your race numbers ready. Now, how to deal with event day madness! Register Now present's its top ten tips for a super slick on-the-day rego process!

  • A beer with the Bizness - episode 1

    A beer with the Bizness - episode 1

    Welcome to our very first installment of a beer with the Bizness! It’s exactly as it sounds. Each month we’ll be dragging Matt Bisset aka the “Bizness” away from his computer and whiteboard to have a beer at a pub around Richmond and share his knowledge and insights, not just as CEO and Founder of Register Now, but also his 20+ year event management experience.

  • Your no BS guide to GDPR

    Your no BS guide to GDPR

    GDPR got you in a tailspin? Know it's important, but not sure why and what you need to do? Check out our No BS guide, we've got you covered when it comes to the best way to approach this new global data policy.

  • Rego Abandonment Results

    Rego Abandonment Results

    The results are in, the verdict has been delivered and we all agree this cart abandonment business means greater paid entry conversions - winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • Automated Follow Ups are Go!

    Automated Follow Ups are Go!

    The update you’ve been waiting for, Register Now introduces abandoned entry automation - so that your registrants can finalise their unpaid and incomplete regos and become participants in your event without you doing anything at all!

  • Access Registration Function LIVE!

    Access Registration Function LIVE!

    Register Now's new access registration feature! Available to all clients! Giving your participants a fast, simple and secure way to get back to their registration, if for instance they get distracted watching cat videos on YouTube, timed out or lose connection.