Register Now to Race Roster FAQs

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Register Now is joining the ASICS Group

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Last updated February 2022

Who is purchasing Register Now?

ASICS Corporation has purchased Register Now. Register Now will become a subsidiary of Race Roster North America, a subsidiary of the ASICS Corporation.

Will Register Now be shutting down?

Yes, eventually the Register Now product will be turned off, but not for some time yet. As part of our commitment to clear communication, we are sharing this announcement to give all Clients ample time to make any necessary adjustments.

Will the Register Now team continue to manage the operation?

The Register Now customer service team will be retained. You will still be able to pick up the phone and talk to our friendly team!

What are the Key Dates we need to know about?

Upcoming Register Now Key Dates:

1 July 2022 - New Fee Structure implemented on Register Now

31 December 2022- Last date for launching new registration forms on Register Now

30 June 2023 - Final date for Registrations / Payments on Register Now

30 September 2023 - Final day for access to Register Now for exporting of data

How will this timeline impact current open registration forms?

There will be no impact to any current open forms at this stage. There are still a lot of details about the transition for both Register Now and Race Roster to work through and we’ll be in touch with each client individually in due course, however this does mean some exciting technology opportunities for Register Now's existing clients.

Do I need to set up an Account on Race Roster?

In order to start taking registrations through Race Roster you will need to set up an account. Race Roster has partnered with Stripe for payment processing, funds distribution and KYC (Know your Customer) obligations. As part of the account creation process you will be required to set up a Stripe sub account as part of the overall Race Roster account. There is no additional cost to set this Stripe account - all costs are included in the Race Roster fee.

What is the next step for me?

Let's start the process - and connect with our team - head to


Is it possible to gradually transition some events across from Register Now to Race Roster?

Yes. It is possible to transition a few events at a time. It makes perfect sense in the events industry to transition different events scross to Race Roster at different times. As always, please reach out to our team to discuss your specific cirmcumstances, and how we can assist:

How will ASICS use the existing and future participant and user data?

ASICS will not use any data without permission. All event organisers will have the option to engage ASICS as a sponsor at varying levels. The specific use of data will be outlined within each sponsorship opportunity and ASICS will only use the data in the manner outlined in the sponsorship agreement. ASICS will only communicate with Race Roster users who have been a part of a race whereby the event organiser has secured ASICS as a sponsor. ASICS is dedicated to providing meaningful content to nurture each athlete’s journey from event discovery to race day.

Why is this an important deal for Race Roster and ASICS?

Scale an already healthy business to establish ASICS as the #1 endurance event platform and partner in the world. Accelerate growth and user benefits of OneASICS, Runkeeper and Race Roster. Leverage digital platform and long-tail marketing to bring ASICS brand and product to thousands of races and millions of runners. Deliver an asset and audience to regions that will drive brand awareness and consideration, traffic, retail engagement, and product sales.

How will this help our clients in Australia and New Zealand?

ASICS has continued to invest in event technology despite a global pandemic being catostrophic for the event industry. The acquisition of Register Now further reflects their ongoing commitment to his space. The stability this continued investment represents along with the already robust

What if a race is currently sponsored by a competitor of ASICS?

Register Now and Race Roster will respect all existing contracts and is committed to supporting all of our events regardless of their brand affiliation(s).

Will Register Now consumers (participants) become OneASICS members?

All Register Now and Race Roster customers are welcome to join OneASICS and take advantage of OneASICS member benefits. Customers will only be marketed ASICS products with their permission and permission of the race.

What is OneASICS?

The OneASICS program is a free membership program for customers of ASICS. As a OneASICS member, you have access to exclusive benefits designed to keep you running. The goal of the OneASICS program is to bring all consumers of ASICS products and services under one CRM database, helping to build a direct and meaningful relationship with our consumers.

What is Runkeeper?

The ASICS Runkeeper app helps you track runs, set specific goals and stay motivated through audio cues, virtual challenges, race training plans and more. Available on iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and Android Wear devices. The app also integrates with wearables like Garmin.

Runkeeper has always been focused on helping runners of all levels get out the door and reach their goals. The app helps users easily track workouts, set goals, and stay motivated as they track their progress over time.

Runkeeper Go, the premium experience, features additional resources to help users take their training to the next level.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Register Now: Ben Muldoon,

Race Roster: Chantelle Wilder,

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