First up, let's get things straight, we are not a ticketing provider!

Register Now is an online registration provider for sports events. 

Sports events are messy. They are hectic.  Athletes are extreme.  

We love messy, we love hectic, we love extremes - it’s what we understand and it’s where we’ve come from.  

Here are some of our many features, for more in depth details about how our system can be customised for your event please jump over to our event functionality page.

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Easy & Free

Our software is easy to set up and free to use - your event form can be up and running within minutes and you will only incur a cost once you start taking payments!
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The Data is Yours!

As soon as you start collecting data it is yours. That's right, you will have access to your data at all times and with our dashboard interface you can track the trends and journey of participants over the life cycle of your event.
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Payment Processing

Payments by Visa, Mastercard, Amex (optional) and PayPal are processed in real time online by our system, meaning you don’t need a merchant account. Bonus!
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We offer scalable solutions for events with 100 registrants right through to 50,000+, our system can support your event from its inception all through it's growth period.
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We know events

We talk your language and theirs, from sports event management all the way through to software speak we’ve got your back #justsaying
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We provide intelligent and intuitive data mapping and reporting that will give you real time insights about your event.
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Event Branding

Build your brand with integrated functionality that can be tailored for your event landing page, form and communications!
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Receipts and rego confirmations are issued immediately upon payment both on screen and via email saving you the admin task. Win!
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Talk to an expert

We love chatting through complicated registration logic and solutions so pick up the phone anytime to step through your event and its unique set up with one of our friendly team.
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When it comes to good event management timing is everything! We make a point of working closely with one of your most important contractors - your timing supplier; ensuring that your data is clean, correct and easy to access at all times.
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With full API integration with Everyday Hero, Grassrootz and GoFundraise and dynamic loading of available charities we make it really easy for you to make your awesome event also a really good event for the people that need it the most.