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  • Trees not Tees - Creating Greener Events

    Trees not Tees - Creating Greener Events

    As humans, on this planet, we all carry great responsibility.
    We're so inspired by the legends from Trees Not Tees and are proud to share this game-changing initiative:

    What is the Trees not Tees concept?

    It's in the name! Plant a tree instead of choosing a tee (t-shirt)

    “We work with race and event organisers to give participants the option of planting a tree rather than getting a t-shirt they won’t wear.” says Trees Not Tees Founder Jim Mann

    “Millions of event t-shirts are produced and given away each year that are never worn. Let’s plant millions of trees instead.” Instead of buying too...

  • Chronosoft + Register Now: New integration to maximise patron safety

    Chronosoft + Register Now: New integration to maximise patron safety

    Chronosoft, a leading provider of customisable incident management solutions, recently announced a new integration for Chronicler, Chronosoft’s operation and incident management platform with Register Now, a premier registration platform for mass participation sports events in Australia and New Zealand.

    This data-driven integration primarily maximises patron safety through direct flow of information between these two participants-centric platforms. In case of an emergency, this integration will enable Chronicler to deliver Event Managers and incident responders, up-to-date and precise data l...

  • Register Now Acquisition FAQs

    Register Now Acquisition FAQs

    logo side by side.jpg

    Register Now is joining the ASICS Group

    Read the full press release here

    Who is purchasing Register Now?

    ASICS Corporation has purchased Register Now. Register Now will become a subsidiary of Race Roster North America, a subsidiary of the ASICS Corporation.

    Will the Register Now team continue to manage the operation?

    The entire Register Now customer service team will be retained. You will still be able to pick up the phone and talk to our friendly team!

    How will this deal impact current open registration forms?

    There will be no impact to any current open forms at this stage. There are s...

  • Finding Balance : The Bicyclette Story

    Finding Balance : The Bicyclette Story

    Written by Sarah Sweeney, featuring Emily Manchon

    Emily’s event management business came to a grinding halt in March last year due to COVID. Even though she had a toddler, was pregnant and building a new house, she still felt the urge to "work" on something… finding the space to create Bicyclette.

    Bicyclette provides high school-aged girls and females beyond teenage years with a one-day health and wellbeing clinic run by experts in both mind and body. It ensures females are developing and preserving the tools which are most important for their livelihoods.

    Like thousands of events across the ...

  • A changing tide: Register Now and Coogee SLSC partner up for digital transformation

    A changing tide: Register Now and Coogee SLSC partner up for digital transformation

    Register Now are excited to announce our new partnership with Coogee Surf Life Saving Club in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in handling the online event registrations for the Coogee Island Challenge ocean swims plus the new RunSwim Coogee event.

    With easing NSW restrictions, and a revised date of December 5th 2021, online registrations for Coogee Island Challenge Summer ocean swim are now open!

    The Coogee Island Challenge (Summer edition) is the first ‘cut of the cake’ for swimmers looking to take on this epic island journey swim, with its Autumn equivalent swim planned to be held in April 2022.


  • Access Registration Link - the unsung hero of Register Now

    Access Registration Link - the unsung hero of Register Now

    Time is precious. That’s why we aim to save it.

    We believe the Access Registration Link is the unsung hero of Register Now. Direct connection for participants to their registration, saving time for both participants and event organisers.

    A key point of difference for Register Now from the rest of the market is the Access Registration Link. The Access Registration Link is a specific url that allows participants already registered in your event, to access their registration at any time.

    The Links tab of the registration builder hosts the Registration Form url AND the Access Existing Registrat...