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  • Access Registration Link - the unsung hero of Register Now

    Access Registration Link - the unsung hero of Register Now

    Time is precious. That’s why we aim to save it.

    We believe the Access Registration Link is the unsung hero of Register Now. Direct connection for participants to their registration, saving time for both participants and event organisers.

    A key point of difference for Register Now from the rest of the market is the Access Registration Link. The Access Registration Link is a specific url that allows participants already registered in your event, to access their registration at any time.

    The Links tab of the registration builder hosts the Registration Form url AND the Access Existing Registrat...

  • Vaccine Passports

    Vaccine Passports

    It's the big question that everyone is asking:

    What's the plan for events once we hit certain vaccination levels across the country?

    Firstly, please note, none of the below should be considered legal advice in any way and each business should perform their own due diligence and establish their own policies with regard to requiring proof of vaccination at events.

    Although the answer to the above question is a bit like gazing into a crystal ball, there are a number of more specific questions that customers have recently been asking, that we are looking at answering.

    To date, the most regular ...

  • Cancelled Events and Refund Policies

    Cancelled Events and Refund Policies

    It's never easy to cancel an event. Matter of fact, it really sucks.

    If an event has been cancelled because of COVID-19, it’s crucial to know what participants are entitled to when it comes to refunds, credits and other options.

    Consumer Affairs Victoria media adviser Anna Basil-Jones has been quoted "if an event is unable to go ahead due to COVID-19, consumers are entitled to a refund for any services not provided." A booking could become a ‘frustrated contract’ if it is impossible to perform or carry out the contract due to events beyond the control of all parties.

    In such a case the partic...

  • Return to Fun Runs Survey - September 2021

    Return to Fun Runs Survey - September 2021

    In 2020 Register Now conducted four separate Return to Fun Runs during COVID-19 surveys to understand the general sentiment of the Australian running community and how opinions developed as conditions change across the country.

    Given the current status of the events industry, we need your help to capture the data again! In order to reach a large audience across Australia and New Zealand, we are asking for the support of event organisers.

    To confirm your involvement, and for Register Now to send the survey to your participants and subscribers,


    Alternatively, you can email YES to sara...

  • Green My Plate - Make Dishes, Not Waste

    Green My Plate - Make Dishes, Not Waste

    We sit down with Green My Plate co-founder Ryan "Jonesy" Jones to chat about his venture and vision for the future.

    Ryan Jones - Green My Plate Co-founder

    Jonesy, tell us in one sentence: What is it that Green My Plate do?

    We supply reusable, light-weight, event safe plates, bowls and cutlery as well as wash stations, staff and compost bins to all types of events.

    Where did this idea come from?

    A few mates and I sat down over a beer (coincidentally at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne). We talked about how unsustainable events were and what we thought we could do to create a soluti...

  • Register Now’s Newest Feature you might want to Tri

    Register Now’s Newest Feature you might want to Tri

    The future is here! (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we are excited!)

    Here at Register Now, we are self-proclaimed data and event nerds. We’ve had a new feature go live that appeals to both branches of our nerdiness!

    From now on, Clients that are taking registrations for triathlon or duathlon (or aquathlon/aquathon) events can check a participant’s Triathlon Australia (TA) Membership status in real time.

    Photo by John Walters Photography

    We won’t bore you with the finer technical jargon, but essentially the details a participant enters when registering (First Name, Last Name, D...