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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly and dynamically we are currently working with many of our clients to assist them through this difficult time.

With the recent ‘advice’ and now official ‘ban’ on 500+ person events in Australia there are many people and event related businesses facing some very hard times. We are well aware of how confused, frustrated and helpless that everyone is feeling at all levels.

If you are registered for an upcoming event and wondering where you stand please get in touch with your event organiser, if you cannot contact your event organiser please get in touch with our support team.

If you are an event organiser then please touch base with our team and we will provide assistance for the navigation of this difficult time in our industry.

We once again want to convey our sincerest empathy, thoughts and deepest sympathies for not just our clients, the event organisers, but also their staff, families, suppliers and all related parties at this time. It is a very uncertain time that we are all facing together for what is an unknown period of time.

Matt Bisset Founder & CEO | Register Now

What our clients say

Register Now was easy to use from the very beginning! The team had us up and running within hours of confirmation of our specific event details, but it didn't just end there. Fundraising, which is so important to our overall mission was completely simplified, thanks to the GoFundraise API; and within weeks we had our email marketing and donor list automatically updating whilst a bunch of other digital marketing activities all seamlessly integrated are just happening in the background! Finally, should any assistance be required their team are amazingly efficient and effective.

Amy Gillett Foundation / Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo

Our team from Elite Energy Events has grown dramatically since 1999 starting with one event and 350 athletes to over 25 events and a proud database of over 52,000. In this time we have used a number of platforms for our online entry systems and can now say we are extremely proud to have been with the team from Register Now (RN) since 2013. The RN Team has always worked with our demands, our initiatives and our growth to accommodate our requirements on every occasion to ensure our staff, our sponsors and particularly our athletes are able to be a part of our events effectively, efficiently and economically and always have access to the data and statistics they request. The RN Team are proudly 100% Australian owned and based and are there for us 24/7

Mark "Emo" Emerton CEO & Owner Elite Energy Events

Register Now is crucial to the success of our Events. The platform provides our customers with a streamlined registration process whilst our timing contractors rest easy knowing they are getting clean, reliable data. We love working with Matt and the team in Melbourne because they understand events.  And we are really excited about the developments in the pipeline based on what we have seen so far in 2018.

Brendon Downey Managing Director of The Event Crew

Register Now rocks! So easy to use.
We use an alternative provider for our gym bookings but find it easier to use Register Now for everything else - Run Events, Boxing Programs etc.
If you had some way of us using Register Now for the gym PT sessions that had a booking link/calendar that worked - we would jump on it straight away!

Tony Williams Director/Head Trainer, Blue Mountain Fitness