Register Now’s Newest Feature you might want to Tri

The future is here! (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we are excited!)

Here at Register Now, we are self-proclaimed data and event nerds. We’ve had a new feature go live that appeals to both branches of our nerdiness!

From now on, Clients that are taking registrations for triathlon or duathlon (or aquathlon/aquathon) events can check a participant’s Triathlon Australia (TA) Membership status in real time.

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We won’t bore you with the finer technical jargon, but essentially the details a participant enters when registering (First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and TA membership number) gets sent across the world wide web to the new TA membership database on GoMembership, cross-checked, verified, then back to Register Now with instant clarification. Pretty cool eh?

Day Licenses can be set as different amounts for each Event Category (aka race distance) and are compulsory for non-members - meaning that unless a participant has paid their Day Licence charge, they aren’t considered a Paid entry in your event.

Alternatively the integration can be used for two other features of Register Now - Membership Discounts (where members can be given a discount of a specified amount or percentage) or Membership Pricing (where members and non-members are offered different prices).

For all of the above, Register Now captures the TA Membership Number of each participant for reconciliation and reporting purposes.

This is one example of the significant development we are working on at the moment. Register Now is releasing new items and updates every week and big plans are on track for the rest of 2021.

For more information about this new integration - see our support article link below or reach out to our team via

Triathlon Australia Integration Support

For anyone reading this that is not a current Register Now client there are a lot of other great features of Register Now to consider if you are looking for a new online registration provider including our integrations with timing partners, fundraising platforms and our extensive reporting functionality.

Or maybe you have an idea for an integration similar to what is outlined above.

Please reach out to Ben Muldoon via to discuss

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