We believe in making our system so easy to use that our customers can begin creating beautiful and user friendly forms through our step by step event wizard within moments of signing up!

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Event Logic

  • Maintain full management over events, registration forms and data
  • Once your event is live in our system and has paid entrants; all reports, stats and data are available in real-time
  • Copy previous event forms over for quick duplication
  • Unlimited promo codes with % or dollar value discounts
  • Apply discounts for families / teams / groups
  • Day licenses and member validation
  • Flexible race number processes to suit your needs
  • Send out e-tickets
  • Automated event registration reminder emails for participants with incomplete or unpaid records


  • Manage your people easily through the ability to withdraw, refund and change their entry details
  • Smart data validation that matches repeat entrants to their event history
  • Import previous entrants into the system if you're a new client so that you can "wash" your data through to track trends and registrant lifecycles
  • Participants can access current or past registrations to make changes or view their details
  • See and manage your overall database – not just within an event

Event Categories

  • Our categories are limitless; you can pick and choose as many or as few as you want
  • We have event categories, sub-categories, age categories, award categories, team categories, family categories, group categories…. All the categories!
  • All categories can have restrictions on age, gender, max and min participants, date open from and to, promo code validations, membership validations and more…

Teams & Group configuration

  • Add restrictions around age, gender, max & min number of member, event roles (eg swim / ride/ run)
  • Teams & Groups can be public, private or password protected
  • Set discounts based on number of people in a team
  • Override payment so the team captain can pay for everyone or members pay for themselves
  • Create specific questions for groups – great for corporate events
  • Captains can export team details
  • Groups can be a container for families, teams and individuals
  • Groups and teams can have exclusive cut off dates for registration


  • Only pay once you start taking payments – free events attract no charge for service
  • Payments by VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (optional) cards and PayPal are processed in real time online
  • Receipts are issued immediately upon payment processing both on screen and via email saving valuable time for you
  • Create flexible pricing models based on ages and categories that include early bird and late entry capability
  • Quickly and simply reconcile funds deposited into your bank account with the payments made by your customers
  • Process your own refunds with the ability to withhold an admin or processing fee

Merchandise & Optional Items

  • Seamlessly integrate merchandise sales into the rego process
  • Optimised layout for multiple devices, stock management and flexible delivery options
  • Add optional items, included items and registration add-ons – different items can be shown for specific event categories if required
  • Easily add images and sizing charts

Branding & Design

  • Brand your own event page and share your event via URL
  • Vanity URLs available so that you keep the same link for the lifespan of your event!
  • Email branding – merged in from your event page
  • Include media assets and video on your event page
  • Banner images are easy to upload and can be resized or cropped
  • Event location map feeds straight from Google
  • Upload specific social media links and hashtags for each different event

Event Marketing and Promotion


  • Standard reports are available at any time in the system
  • Know everything about your database – your registrant’s full details, their event categories, merchandise purchase, optional & included items, participant question answers and more!
  • If what you need is not available in a standard report then customise and build your own, save and re-run when required
  • Reports can be exported in CSV, XLS, or XLSX


  • Can be built seamlessly into your registration form with suggested amounts, a blurb about the beneficiary and charity logo
  • A full breakdown of donations are itemised within your weekly invoice so that you transfer them easily
  • OR if the recipient of donor funds signs up with us then we can directly remit the funds to them saving you time and admin costs


  • API integration with Grassrootz, Everydayhero, GoFundraise and MyCause making it easier for your event participants to support their favourite charity
  • Dynamic loading of available charities linked through from chosen fundraising provider

Event Pack Management

  • Participants can opt to pick up or have their packs posted
  • Postal cut-off dates and postage fees can be set up
  • Bulk collection and distribution through team captain management

E-tickets & Race number allocation

  • Register Now has flexible and accurate race number management built into the platform
  • Rename ‘Race Numbers’ to any term (eg; bib number)
  • Unlimited ranges based on combinations of categories
  • Allow auto allocation or manual allocations (ability to switch at any time during the event)
  • Complete bulk allocations – filter for only certain people, define sort orders
  • Allocate to postal batches (event packs)
  • Quarantine numbers
  • Quick on-screen reference for packs used, available, participants to be allocated  and quarantined within each range
  • Define allocation rules for auto allocation for participant changes

Event Day Needs

  • Simplified ‘onsite’ registration module available to make last-minute regos even easier
  • Easy 'resends' for e-tickets via email or sms
  • Forget paper-based forms, use our online ‘cashier’ function to reconcile offline payments instantly
  • Give your timing provider access to your event and they will be able to leave registrations open up until 10 mins before the race begins before downloading the final race numbers report