Our Story

Register Now was founded in 2003 following a very busy summer of managing and timing 30+ events, Matt and his team were drowning in data, paper forms and lost productivity – there had to be a better way…

After trialing the available software offerings and experimenting with multiple CMS options which all claimed to do what the guys needed, a very simple idea turned into an innovative new business opportunity.

In the past decade and a half Register Now has grown from humble beginnings in a borrowed shed, to becoming a premier provider of event registrations and an absolute event ‘must have’ in the Australasia region. Register Now has cemented this position in the market by consistently delivering on our service promise. With no hidden costs, what you see is what you get.

One of our strongest advantages is our dedicated support team that has a strong background in event management, sports management, administration, digital marketing and brand communications.

In the next phase of the business, Register Now is working towards being the authority in the event registration space with a robust and scalable platform that is unrivaled in levels of customisation and capability. Underpinning this technology and at the very heart of the company’s vision and mission is the event management acumen of its staff; who have many years of experience running a variety of events across Australia, New Zealand and the globe. 

The offering is a platform for event organisers to streamline their event registration process management as well as work seamlessly with their wider event requirements. Renowned as a talented, highly skilled and dynamic company Register Now is widely considered by clients as the best in the market. 

Register Now is 100% Australian owned and operated and has been active in Australia for 15 years. With over 1,000 active clients who utilise the system for over 4,000 events per year. Some of the largest annual events in the world, including the Sydney City2Surf are managed seamlessly on Register Now’s platform.

Our Mission

To connect people with events and activities and the champions that organise them


To be the global authority in sports events