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As we’ve discussed in previous blogs and in light of very little participation going on in the world of events, there has never been a more important time to engage and uplift our event communities.

Whether it be through social media, email, our websites or even if we’re more adventurous podcasts and YouTube. Our customers are craving content more than ever. And the data doesn’t lie, with time spent online up more than 20% globally compared to 2019.

So in a time where we can’t actually offer the physical experience of participating in an event, why not make the most of our incredible libraries of rich and creative event content and remind your community what they love about your event!

We think it’s about time to start gearing up and building positivity after these very challenging past months. Why not make the most of all this downtime and start sorting through all of your event pics and organise your best event memories.

We recently caught up with Angela from GeoSnapShot who has some great ideas and opportunities for Register Now clients to make the most of their vast and rich event photo libraries!

How participants can relive their event memories and promote your event!

Australia has done a great job of flattening the curve, and the recent lifting of restrictions has sparked a more positive outlook for events. There’s never been a more important time to reconnect and uplift your event community, and you can do this by tapping into their memories, using the event pics that you already have.

One thing you may have noticed during the pandemic is that flashback photos have become a social media hit. Connecting your participants with the photos taken of them at your past events, which they share with friends on social media, is some of the most powerful marketing you can do. GeoSnapShot makes it easy to match your participants to all the photos taken of them, to remind them what they love about your event!

“Reliving the memories made is vital to our participants and GeoSnapShot has an outstanding global photography platform that provides the best solution for every Tough Mudder event worldwide.” Tough Mudder’s VP of Live Events, Johnny Little.

How to match your participants to their photos?

Using GeoSnapShot, you simply upload all your past event photos to your secure online GeoSnapShot account. The customisable GeoSnapShot photo viewer is connected to your event website (in 2 easy steps), and your participants can ‘upload a selfie’ or search by date, and the GeoSnapShot AI will serve up all the photos taken of them at your event!

Selfie Search.png

Can’t afford top photographers for your event? We have good news for you.

You might like to have higher quality photos taken at your next event, to offer to your participants and to use in your event marketing, but you think it’s simply too expensive. GeoSnapShot recognises that cost is a barrier for most events, particularly during this time, and has developed a platform that offers professional grade event photography, without costing a cent.


Local events like the Rotary Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk are using GeoSnapShot’s ‘no-call-out-fee’ photographers to cover their event. The top quality photographers are paid through the photo sales and the Manly Fun Run has access to an incredible library of high quality photos, to delight their participants and to market their event.

Manly Scenic Fun Run and Walk.png

Over 1.8 million participants globally have accessed their event photos through GeoSnapShot, for events just like yours. GeoSnapShot is a local Australian team, and proud to be providing the GeoSnapShot platform, photographers, and expert advice, free for all RegisterNow events during Covid-19.

To learn more and get started, go to

Still trying to figure out if GeoSnapShot is right for you? Book a session with an Event Specialist to answer your questions and get your event up and running with GeoSnapShot.

Angela Dunn, Head of Partnerships and Customer Success at GeoSnapShot, has had over 15 years experience working with mass participation and events of all sizes, nonprofits and tech start-ups.