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BREAKING NEWS: Australian Mass Participation Sporting Events Alliance Formed | 11th May 2020

The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an immediate and unprecedented impact on the mass participation sports events industry.

This has resulted in a historic number of event cancellations and postponements, loss of jobs and subsequent economic impact on the secondary industries that service these events.

The mass participation sports events industry comprises thousands of largely independent operators and related suppliers, that rely on the cash flow from participant registrations and corporate sponsorships to facilitate operations, pay employees and produce events. To read more click here.

Update to Clients | 6th April 2020

It is and has always been in our brand DNA to provide full transparency with our clients and users. Before we get into some of the more operational matters of this email we wanted to share the impact of COVID-19 on our business, because although we don’t run any events obviously our bottom line has also been dramatically impacted.

Following the announcement a couple of weeks ago to ban events greater than 500 and now current social measures in place to help #flattenthecurve our revenue has been reduced by 97%.

In our nearly 17 years of operation Register Now has survived many industry downturns and changes. You can be confident that Register Now will survive this and will be there for you through this time and on the other side and we sincerely hope that all of our clients will be there with us.

For further details regarding changes to customer service and also Refund FAQs... Please click here.

Update to Clients | 20th March 2020

This is a time of great heartache for our industry. The “ban” of all “non-essential” gatherings over 500 people has caused our industry to come to a complete halt.

It is pretty easy to focus on the negatives right now. And fair enough too, we’re all seeing so many hard working and passionate people lose their events, their income, their livelihood, all while juggling outbound communications, event operations and forced logistical rearrangements on top of the emotional backlash from disillusioned participants.

But there is some good news! To read more click here.

Update to Clients | 16th March 2020

With the recent ‘advice’ and now official ‘ban’ on 500+ person events, we don’t think that there is anyone in our industry that cannot ignore the seriousness of situation unfolding. There are a lot of people and event related businesses facing some very hard times. We completely understand the confusion, frustration and helplessness that everyone is feeling at all levels.

Last week we suggested to everyone that it was the time for us to be informed, prepared and resilient - but not to panic. This week we suggest that if you have not started actioning your plans, start doing it before it is too late and you start receiving nasty emails threatening legal action, probably leaving you with no option left but to mass refund. To read more click here.

Update to Clients | 13th March 2020

The pace that this situation is evolving is increasing by the hour.

Since our last email the World Health Organisation officially charactererized the COVID-19 as a pandemic, travel between Europe and the US has been cancelled, the NBA has suspended the season, and events in Australia have started being cancelled - most notably the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania.

The potential of the Australian Government cancelling or suspending events and public gatherings for a period of time, potentially as early as this weekend, is now a reality.

We expect we will know more on this after the Council of Australian Governments meeting this afternoon. The question is no longer an ‘if’, but ‘when’. Although New Zealand is not in the same boat, the accelerated rate of spread would suggest that it is likely to follow a similar pattern in the short term. To read more click here.

Update to Clients | Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Events Industry | 10th March 2020

Following on from our mid-season health check last week and numerous conversations we have since had with clients, we felt it was important to communicate directly about the impact of the coronavirus on the industry, state the facts of what we know and give advice on how we can be prepared.

Having watched Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s national address this morning, the financial impact of the coronavirus is already significant and will continue to be so, however he was strong in reminding everyone that this is a health crisis.

Now is the time for us to be informed, prepared and resilient - but not to panic. To read more click here.