Dams Challenge

Bicycling Western Australia presents the 2019 Dams Challenge!

Sunday 7th April 2019

Choose your challenge with either:

  • 5 Dams Challenge a challenging and rewarding event for serious cyclists throughout Australia. Put your legs to the test on this 205km ride featuring over 2,600m of vertical climbing! 
  • 3 Dams Challenge gives you a major taste of the challenge of 136km and over 1500m vertical climbing. It’s perfect for those aspiring to work up to the 5 Dams next year.
  • 2 Dams Challenge provides a small taste of the challenge and lets you experience the thrill of the event. Start with the 2 Dams and work up to the 3 Dams and 5 Dams in the future!

Over 2,000 riders who take on this  monumental Western Australian ride each April.  Places are strictly limited and demand is always high, so secure a place now in the must-do cycling event of the WA cycling calendar.