Access Registration Link - the unsung hero of Register Now

Time is precious. That’s why we aim to save it.

We believe the Access Registration Link is the unsung hero of Register Now. Direct connection for participants to their registration, saving time for both participants and event organisers.

A key point of difference for Register Now from the rest of the market is the Access Registration Link. The Access Registration Link is a specific url that allows participants already registered in your event, to access their registration at any time.

The Links tab of the registration builder hosts the Registration Form url AND the Access Existing Registration url:

When using Register Now as a participant, there’s no need to create a Username and Password. We tried it, but it wasn't great. During a review period our team discovered that over 80% of users were resetting their passwords every time they registered for an event!

After much research and testing, we introduced Simple Sign On

Single Sign On removes the need and risk of saving user credentials for each site visited into their private database. Register Now can utilise their trusted credentials from a third party (like Facebook or Google) to allow them to log in.

This feature allows participants to have registration forms pre-filled - saving typing, and most importantly, time! We also offer a participant to Continue as a Guest and complete the form from scratch if they wish:

To read more about Simple Sign On- click here

Now anyone can access their registration at any time by simply getting a 5 digit code emailed or SMS’d to them. Participants can also use a social media account (Facebook, Google or Strava) if you have one connected to Register Now.

We LOVE the simplicity of the Access with Email / Phone system. Even if you registered as a Guest, as long as that email or mobile number is attached to a registration on the system, you’ll be sent an access code to enter into your browser and Voila - you are just like a VIP!

Multiple registrations with the same email address or phone number? No problem! You’ll be presented a list of available registrations to choose from.

Are you the Team/Group Admin plus you are registered for the event? Too easy! You’ll also have the choice of the Team or the Individual summary page to view.

Once you are in you can edit your existing registration (if enabled), upgrade/downgrade, buy merchandise or optional items, change Event Pack options, Join/Leave a Team/Group - the list goes on.

We recommend adding the Access Registration Link to your website and communications for people who have “already registered” to “access existing registration” This allows participants to self manage their registrations, and save yourself the precious commodity we keep talking about … time.

Once again, the Access Exisiting Registrations Link is located on the Link Tab of your Form Builder:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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