Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series

Series starts 1st December 2018 - 6th April 2019

Swimming is invigorating, fun and extremely good for the body, mind and soul.  And then there is open water swimming, which is a completely different experience to swimming in a pool, if you haven't tried it then it's a must add for your bucket list! With only one race left in the stunning Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series now is the time to give it a go and train up for more swims next season.  A safe and reassuring environment will ensure your confidence grows and your personal challenge is ticked off in style!

The Swim Distance options for the Banana Boat Swim Series are:

2km - 5km
750m - 1.25km
Banana Boat OceanKids Swim

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For awesome hints and tips for open water swimming checkout the Banana Boat NZ Ocean Swim Series blog