Rego Abandonment Results

Abandonment automation – stats & updates

So we may have previously said that follow up emails were going to improve your conversion rates, but we can now actually share the real facts and figures from the first week of action!

Email 1: 2892 follow-ups were sent, of this 458 were converted to paid entries

Email 2:1444 follow-ups were sent, of this 85 were converted to paid entries

Email 3: 1424 follow-ups were sent, of this 143 were converted to paid entries

That's an extra 686 paid entries in total! Here is a graphic representation of the data:

pasted image 0 (2).png

We have also listened carefully to everyone who has come back to us with various items of feedback…

  1. A recurring theme has been that the finality of third email could have a ‘softer’ approach. As such it has been slightly wordsmith-ed to gently remind your registrants to go back to their unfinished business before it is cancelled. (Although despite the feedback, email three with the harder wording has resulted in a higher number of conversions than email 2 #justsaying)
  2. Follow up emails might just not be for you; we get it, we have many different clients running all manners of events and using the system for different things so this function may not work for your situation. At this stage you cannot turn this functionality off yourself, simply drop us an email and we can do it for you –

So what's next? Going live in the coming week will be automated follow up for incomplete and unpaid series entries – full and partial series registrations both included! Wooohooo!