My HBF Run for a Reason Experience

14th May 2018

With just over a week to go now until the event, with about 5-6 training runs under my belt, it’s time to get serious and register 2018 HBF Run for a Reason!

The online registration process was completely straightforward and took about 2 mins, if that #justsaying. I have opted to collect my pack from the event centre which our team will be involved in running as part of the event service, so this will be a true test of the system!

I am pretty excited about participating in this particular event, Matt (my hubby and co business owner of Register Now) was part of the group that came up with the event concept and our first child Felix was at most of the initial planning session, when I went back to work post maternity leave!

To have to opportunity to see this event grow into what it is today and finally participate in it is something completely awesone and close to my heart - especially being a Perth chick from way back! It is without doubt that I will be running for both Felix and my inspiring Matt that helped make this event a reality for the people of Perth!

Here are some fun pics of me and my high level training program in action, I am a very reluctant athelete so for me to come out of the safety of a hot studio to train is an achievement in itself ;)

![This is me after 3 x Tan laps! It was tough_ 11.8km - 1_08mins - 5_47m%2Fkm (2).png](

25th May 2018 - From the HBF R4AR Event Centre

After a hectic week in the office (and at home) with half the team in Perth including Matt, I was all set to fly out of Melbourne Thursday night - thanks to my amazing in-laws for stepping in and accepting my ridiculous excel spreadsheet of kid's commitments, extra curricular activities and parties with zero judgement or groaning!

Arrived at the airport with 10 mins before boarding began - this was particurly tight for me but still managed to fit in a beer and a couple of selfies

Day 1 in the event centre: Wowsers! It is serious business and action stations down here at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre!! What an awesome setup, such a smooth mix of information, practicality, brand activation and sponsor delights as far as the eye can see!

We're expecting in excess of 35,000 through the doors until event day so it is all about helping event goers get what they need and quickly. Fingers crossed the WiFi holds up!!

How amazing are volunteers? And it's National Volunteer Week, what a great bunch of human beings.. And a teddy :)

Some pics of the 'calm before the storm'

Day 2 in the Event Centre:

OMG, HBF Run for a Reason is tomorrow! There are sooo many people both downgrading and upgrading their event categories, soo lucky we have an awesome team and system in place here, because this constant flow of changes is, well, completely constant!

In fact, it was so busy I had to pick up my own pack super quickly - hahaha!

The two days leading up to the event have been really hectic - on my feet for 13+ hours and troubleshooting rego problems and fielding random questions, we got through with the help of the Natural Confectionary Company and a lot of coffee!! Although not the usual nutrition and tapering approach, tomorrow is going to be interesting.

Now to try and get some sleep so I can get myself around this 12km course!!

26th May 2018 - The Big Day!

After a 4am wake up (thanks Matt!!) I tossed and turned and seriously regretted the three glasses of red wine I had with dinner :( but onwards and upwards the day was now here! Running kit ready, flat lay photo attempted and time to head down to the start line. It rained on the way down and I promptly decided the hair would need to go up. Any skerricks of a hangover were washed away in the pre-event excitement! What a turn out, what a thrill, what a beautiful sea of blue and what a magnificent city!

This is me after 3 x Tan laps! It was tough_ 11.8km - 1_08mins - 5_47m%2Fkm (1).png

The Experience

First and foremost, I really was not prepared for the incredible thrill of running with 35,000 people! Especially the start, so inspiring being sent off with a countdown, fireworks and massive pump up from the MC, not to mention so motivating to give it your all along with everyone else doing the same and the scenery - just wow!

The course started right in the depths of Perth then we powered down through the city towards the spectacular Swan River and Bell Tower, curled to the right on onto the Freeway on ramp, north towards the Graham Farmer Tunnel of treachery!! Can't say I have ever run on a Freeway before and it was super cool, especially prior to the tunnel of treachery, it was crazy hot in there. But a brilliant relief to run out into some very welcome drizzle!

Next up across the Swan River past the new Optus Stadium, this gave me a great opportunity to check it out and take a few pics along the way! Today's run was not about breaking any records but taking it all in, we ran around the Stadium and over towards Herring Island; through here it kind of felt like a trail run - with mud and more tricky terrain which was a nice change, finally we crossed back over the causeway around Gloucestor Park - literally on the horse track, (I felt quite the pony) and through the finish line!

The scenery was one thing, keeping me enthralled and taking it all in along the way. The en route commitment from the organisers, well that was just next level!! I stopped at every drink station, high fived as many volunteers and supporters as I could and was just completely blown away by the spectators along the course. Not only was community participation sensational, but the ammount of on course event collateral and entertainment was just so profesh - kilometre markers every km, 5/6/7km per minute running pacers, Djs, bands, sprint sections and even an upbeat MC towards the end inspring everyone to dig deep for the final couple of 100 metres.

The Wrap

I am not going to lie it felt completely brutal, so much tougher than I anticipated. Maybe it was the reds from the night before, maybe it was the early start, could have been the jetlag or big week leading up or maybe I am just weak?! But there were certainly no PBs achieved today!!

Does it matter? NOT A BIT I am so proud that despite all those reasons why I probably should have wussed out and downgraded to the 4km I didn't - I kept going and I ran every damn step of the way.

The energy along the course was infectious, plus the inspiration of seeing people running with missing limbs, prams, in wacky outfits and kids younger than my big 8 year old just giving it a go.
All of this was a very hearty reminder that these events are not about the finish line, they are certainly not about your best split or how fast you ran the sprint section, events like HBF Run for a Reason are about the journey and it was a journey for me that didn't start a few months back when I started training or when I attached my bib and ran across the start line, this epic journey started back in 2010 when the event concept became a reality.

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