How to: Event Day Regos made easy!

You’ve got your registrations.

You’ve got your participants.

You’ve got your race numbers ready.

Now, how to deal with on the day madness.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for a slick On-The-Day Registration, brought you by our Athlete Services Alumni and Customer Service Champ, Sarah Sweeney. You can stalk her on LinkedIn and send your thanks later, but read this first!

1. Registration Layout

  • Clear signage: leading into the Registration venue; directing people where to go; and within the Race Number sections
  • Automatic check in kiosk – tablet/device and internet required
  • Set up stations to “Find my e-ticket”
  • Number order (smallest to biggest)
  • Give yourself a large amount of space, more than you think!
  • Allow for lines – we guarantee you everyone will come at the one time
  • Have announcements instructing people what to do and spreading general good vibes to keep everyone cheerful and pumped for your event
  • Have enough rubbish and recycling bins

HBF RFAR 2018 - Event Centre Photography -47811.jpg Photos courtesy of HBF Run for a Reason - the absolute masters in event registration set up!

2. Technology is your best friend

  • Use the smart phone to your advantage and make sure your registration is a mobile-friendly process. This cuts down on paper, waste and allows for immediate updates of registrations and eTickets

HBF RFAR 2018 - Event Centre Photography -47555.jpg

3. Strong Wifi

  • While we're talking tech, if you require internet connection – make sure it is strong and will handle the demand.
  • And for goodness sake test it in the days leading up to On-The-Day registration to minimise any issues.
  • Also worth noting the phone reception levels! Particualy if your rego happens to be within a building or in the country, it's amazing how many dead spots some old (and new) buildings produce!

4. Simplified On-The-Day Registrations

  • Don’t miss those crucial last-minute registrations!
  • Set up a Kiosk style registration system - yep we can manage this for you, just reach out to support a week prior to your event!
  • Reduced personal details
  • Simplified waiver

5. Allocate and distribute Race Numbers efficiently

  • Race Number order. Seems obvious? It is!
  • Through the Register Now system, you can allocate race numbers according to Event Categories
    • eg: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km etc
  • These can also be filtered down by sub-categories and award categories
  • You also get the choice of Bulk Allocation or Manual Allocation
  • For Teams / Groups / Families:
    • Let the Captain/Family administrator manage the registrations

HBF RFAR 2018 - Event Centre Photography -47576.jpg

6. eTickets

  • Another smart Register Now function!
  • eTickets are issued via email or SMS to participant – a clear race number
  • eTickets can also display Included Items - so all your participants will be required to show is their eTicket for smooth distribution BANG!
  • You can add in more information or instructions if you wish - this might helpful if your event site / village is large or you have multiple locations
  • We recommend distributing eTickets early in the week of the event as they typically result in a surge of communications from your participants and ideally you want to be ready to field these queries!

HBF RFAR 2018 - Event Centre Photography -47608.jpg

7. Pre-Event Pack Management

  • Event Pack Management can be implemented upon consultation with Register Now
  • Pre-event Postage options will reduce the requirement of all participant’s going to the Registration desk
  • Give participants the opportunity to collect event packs before the day of the event

HBF RFAR 2018 - Event Centre Photography -47566.jpg

8. Think Green!

  • If you can avoid single-use plastics with event packs and merchandise, your participants will notice and appreciate your effort
  • We know how hard this is to avoid, but as a society, times are changing and Event Organisers should be drivers on this front
  • Offer recycling options and try to implement alternatives to using plastic cups at drink stations eg: paper cups
  • Also try and choose ethical and sustainable merchandise suppliers - we like these guys

9. Merchandise Distribution

  • If you are distributing Included items (t-shirts, hats etc) ensure sizes are organised and well-labelled
  • Having items in size order will create a streamline experience


10. Well briefed volunteers/staff

  • Your staff and volunteers are your soldiers. Get them prepared as best you can
  • Ensure a thorough briefing is given well before participants start arriving
  • An event “cheat sheet” of FAQs will give them a great reference for questions or enquiries
  • Take them through what their role is, likely questions they will be asked and the general registration layout (eg: Where are the toilets? Where is the start line? Etc)
  • Staff wellbeing is extremely important. You are responsible for making sure your staff are comfortable and safe
  • Have food/snacks, coffee/tea and water on hand for staff. Hangry staff are not happy staff!


If you have questions about any of the above or would like more tips from our team on how to manage yourself in the lead up to an event or on the day, please make yourself known in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more onsite tech from Register Now coming later on in the year!