Register Now moves to a virtual office environment

As a SaaS and fully digital office, Register Now has been nimble and early to transition to a remote working environment due to the COVID-19 situation. Already operating across Gsuite, Slack and a digital phone system the process has been virtually seamless.

With all staff now having worked remotely for nearly the past 6 months and with government restrictions not looking to ease for workplaces in Victorian anytime soon, we have made the call to move to this virtual office environment for the foreseeable future.

With our Richmond HQ lease coming to an end this month, renewing it at a time where no one can actually utilise the space is not the right thing to do for the company, especially with events not attracting the usual volumes.

Our priority and our value is in our team, the Register Now squad is the powerhouse behind all that we do and who we are and it is important that we retain and support our staff as much as we can through these times.

Register Now has made the prudent financial decision during the uncertain times for our industry to not renew the lease on our Richmond Office. This decision has been made dramatically easier by the successes and benefits of our team working remotely for the past six months - Matthew Bisset, Register Now CEO

Throughout this time working remotely we have held daily morning standup meetings and have regular social catch ups also to stay connected. While we don’t see a need to maintain a physical office in the short term we will certainly reassess the situation in 6 months time, and as soon as we are allowed to catch up in person we will be engaging in regular team catch ups and activities.

If you have any questions or need to post something to one of the team, please contact 1800 734 669 or