Automated Follow Ups are Go!

Sick of manually following up all of the unpaid or incomplete entries in your events? Do you know how many ‘would be’ participants you lose simply by the fact that they get distracted or interrupted midway registering? You might be surprised to hear the actual stats (lots!).

Introducing our latest functionality, abandoned entrant automation, designed to give you more time to focus on your event rather than pesky registration follow up.

The Ins and Outs

Email automation will be aimed at event participants with a status of incomplete or unpaid that are not part of a Group (where the group is responsible for paying the fees). With three emails scheduled over a week period, the first email will happen within the first 20-60 minutes - when research shows that reengagement has the greatest possibility.

Email #1

Email one will be automatically received by the abandoned registrant within 60 minutes of the process happening, it will be a simple email with your event name in the subject line and the content urging them to go back to their rego before they miss out, providing them with an easy method to access their registration.

Email #2

The second email comes three days after the initial abandonment; the subject line this time includes their name and a reminder not to forget about their registration, the body of the email will provide recipients with access to their registration and a greater sense of urgency than the previous email.

Email #3

The third and final email, 5-7 days after the initial abandonment uses the subject line that this is the registrant’s final chance to enter the event with the process for how in the body of the email.

Hang on a sec...

We know what you’re wondering and yes, of course, if they register after email one they will not receive email two or three, likewise if they register after email two. Can I add anything?

At this stage, automation emails are the same in language across the platforms, however they will be personalized with your event name and header/ design – so effectively it will feel like you are following them up not Register Now.

But wait... There is more around the corner!

A techy little bird says it will be significant too